Mind games helped students in sharpening their brains

Published On: 13 Mar 2019
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The Career Development Center of the University of Sargodha organized on March 13, 2019 mind games to engage students in mentally stimulating activities to strengthen their brain.

The games were a part of the University Sports Gala 2019, held at the main campus in the early days of March for ten days. 
More than 10 games were made part of the mind games session including Water Balls, Pass the Candies, Tic Tac Toe, Pipe Game and Drink the Cup. Both boys and girls teams enthusiastically took part in the games and learnt team-work, communication and leadership skills and how to respond quickly in unexpected situations.

These games were designed in such a way that they could enhance time management, team building, networking, effective communication, critical thinking and perfect planning skills of the students.

“There is no sense of competition in the mind games rather the games are arranged to strengthen the students’ brains and enhance their intellectual wellness,” Maryam Gul, Incharge CDC informs.

Mind games promote social harmony and team work in students, said Maryam, adding that at least one player from every department of the university was included in the teams to build strong inter-departmental relationships.

It may be added here that games and sports are an integral part of the campus life at Sargodha University as they make a significant contribution to the all-round harmonious development of the minds and bodies of the students.