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Message from the Vice Chancellor

Welcome to the Sargodha University! Fostering the culture of research and intellectual growth.

It has indeed been a great privilege for me to work for the University of Sargodha and steer its wide-ranging process of progressive reforms since 2017. Our reforms agenda pertains to quality teaching, productive research, knowledge sharing, and institutional collaborations, which are conducive for innovative academic learning and simultaneously relevant to the socio-economic needs of the country. We seek to equip our graduates with advanced knowledge, critical thinking and professional skills suitable for a highly competitive national and global job market. Hence, we have prioritised the provision of quality education to students by consolidating our academic programs, reducing affiliated institutions, developing the faculty and updating the curriculum. Moreover, since the University has a niche in languages and agricultural sciences, we have forged close international linkages in these two areas with leading institutions in China, including the establishment of Pakistan's fifth Confucius Institute. Our research on local, social, and economic issues is framed on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are also cognizant of the urgent need for practical learning and skilled manpower in a nation with the significant youth bulge. Hence, besides establishing vibrant centres for career development, business incubation and freelance entrepreneurship, we offer a host of paid internships to accomplished students and graduates, and are also actively steering the HEC's Associate Degree Program at the undergraduate level. Our reforms agenda has already enabled Sargodha University to qualify for major international rankings. Through our progressive strategy, we shall strive to further consolidate its global academic profile in the future.

Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad

Vice Chancellor

As a highly motivated social scientist, Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad has spent the last three decades in teaching and research as well as managing and developing academic programs at three prominent universities, including the University of Oxford, Eastern Mediterranean University and Quaid-i-Azam University. He has also benefitted from several prestigious fellowships, including Fulbright fellowship at the University of California, Santa Barbra and Hans-Seidel fellowship at Christian-Albrecht University, Germany. Dr Ahmad has published extensively on Pakistan, South Asia and Muslim world affairs, and organized and spoken at several international conferences at various global platforms. As the Vice Chancellor of University of Sargodha since December 2016, he has implemented several academic reforms in the spheres of advanced studies and research, knowledge sharing and global outlook, enabling the University to qualify in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020 as top 401+ Young University and one of the top 500 Asian universities in the QS Rankings 2020.

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The campus remains abuzz with literary and scholarly events to keep our energetic youth engaged in debates and discussion stimulating critical thinking.


The Syndicate shall be the executive body of the University and shall, subject to the provisions of this Ordinance and Statutes, take effective measures to raise the standard of teaching, research, technological development, publication and other academic pursuits and exercise general supervision over the affairs and management of the property of the University.


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